Please pay no attention to the woman behind the keyboard…

Hello fair readers! It’s me, Melissa. Thank you for the comments you have left for Linnar. Right now I’m playing around with adding a page to the blog, which I would like to end up as a links page with meaningfully grouped links, much like a pathfinder, for those interested in learning more about WoW and other MMORPG-type games. But really, WoW is all I know at this point, and even with it I’m far from an expert. I’ve only been playing since New Year’s Eve 2006! 🙂

At any rate, here’s a preview of links I would recommend to people who would like to know more about WoW…

The World of Warcraft Community Site is the official web site of the game. This is where you’d go to manage your subscription, send email invites to others you think might want to try out the game, and to learn more about essential matters of gameplay, such as combat, talents, looting, joining parties and raids, dueling with other players, and some backstory info about the WoW universe. It’s a pretty big site and can get overwhelming. I recommend starting at with the Game Guide and looking over the intro, getting started, and character sections.

WoWWiki is another great site to learn more about WoW game play as well as the back stories. I still consider myself new to the WoW universe and wonder a lot about the people (excuse me, characters) mentioned throughout the game. WoWWiki helped me solve a lot of the backstory mysteries I’d been wondering about.

Wikipedia’s World of Warcraft entry is also a very helpful resource, especially for one very new to the world of RPGs, let alone MMORPGs. It gives info about the game itself in addition to info on the game universe in WoW.

For a little bit of WoW fun outside of the WoW game world, especially during maintenance Tuesdays when the servers go down and players can’t play, I highly recommend doing a “WoW” or “World of Warcraft” search on YouTube. Among my favorites are the machinima videos created by Myndflame. Here’s one I just found tonight, which provided a pretty humorous summing up of what it’s like to play the different WoW classes.

Here’s a video I found interesting and got me to branch out to another MMORPG called GuildWars (I just installed it last week). It is awesome! Shhhh…no telling Linnar!


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