Tyrande is my avatar

Image of Tyrande Whisperwind from Blizzard Entertainment

Tyrande Whisperwind, High Priestess of Elune and a leader of the Kaldorei. Alliance.

Wow. Five and a half years and 3 expansion packs have passed since I last posted to this blog. I’ve since graduated from SJSU-SLIS. I am now the outreach librarian at University of Redlands, a traditional four-year liberal arts college with some graduate programs geared to working adults. Some changes will be occurring as I update this blog.

I still play World of WarcraftMany people I know have moved on from it. Me, I am still very much enthralled by its vast universe, compelling characters, and captivating stories. I feel a great connection with the game and will likely stick with it till it closes down. This affection explains why I want to continue with this blog, too. Love and commitment.

My love endures and is expressed in my online presence. When asked who my heroes are in the fictional character category, I usually say Sylvanas Windrunner and Tyrande Whisperwind. I love the stories of both women. I also love their characterizations: their strengths, their spirits, their beauty, and their intelligence. But I love Tyrande’s blue hair more.

For more information on Tyrande Whisperwind:

Know Your Lore: Tyrande Whisperwind

WoWWiki: Tyrande Whisperwind

Wowpedia: Tyrande Whisperwind


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